How to Set Science-Backed Relationship Intentions for 2018

Why Set Relationship Intentions? Our relationships impact all aspects of our wellness! Setting meaningful relationship intentions has major implications to improve our health.

How Can We Cultivate Healthy Relationship Intentions? 

1. Mindfulness. Our bodies and brains are evolutionarily wired to thrive off of connection. One of the most skillful intentions you can set in regards to relationships is to be mindfully aware and present in the moment when with a loved one. Really practicing the act of listening with an open heart and minimizing distractions for a sustained period of time will allow for the relationship to strengthen.

2. Contact. Create connection by spending time in person, making eye contact, exchanging a hug, or sharing a laugh. All these forms of connection will release chemicals in the brain that boost mood and enhance bonds.

3. Thankfulness. Choosing to notice the positive aspects in another that you are thankful for has directly and scientific benefits for enhancing the relationship. Try writing down three things you feel thankful for, texting the other person why you are grateful for them, or simply just noticing the small things that make you smile will create increasingly positive relationships overall. 

2 Essential Nutrition Tips for Brain Health

Yes, we can get smarter and happier through food! Science now shows that what we eat actually has the power to reduce depression and anxiety, boost the brain’s functioning capacity, improve our mood, make our kids smarter, and more! Here are a few basic principles to eat for brain health and optimal functioning: 

  1. You've heard it before and it's still just as true - get your Omega-3! Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for our bodies and our mental health. Since our bodies do not produce these essential fatty acids, we must be sure to get them through nutrition, such as organic seafood, walnuts, flaxseed, or a fish oil supplement. Studies show that increased intake of omega-3's is linked with improved cardiovascular health, stabilized blood sugar levels, improved nail and hair quality, enhanced cognitive functioning and decreased rates of depression.
  2. Want to boost your mood and your energy? Obvi you do! Make sure to get enough Vitamin B-12 in your diet. B12 has shown to increase energy, and has been linked with decreased depression and even decreased dementia. Many are deficient in B12 without knowing it, especially vegetarians. You can get your B12 intake through organic quality meats, sea vegetable nori, or a supplement.

If you want more info on eating for brain health, I highly recommend the cookbook, Eat Complete by Dr. Drew Ramsey, which both provides the scientific rationale behind the best foods for your brain and tasty recipes to put it into action!


What is *Grounded & Gold* ?

Grounded & Gold emerged from the belief that taking care of our health and wellbeing is the most important thing we can do for ourselves, the collective, and the universe. And, G & G stems from the belief that wellness can be approached with a lightness and playfulness. The intention of this blog is to provide grounded and scientific research in an accessible and uplifting way that is directly translatable to real life use. As a true believer in everyone's potential to be well and thrive, my hope is to bring you ways to think about and approach your life in a healthy way. Using my background in science and psychology, I spend hours reading the latest scientific research and thinking about how to make it meaningful for life applications. As a lifetime believer, user, and advocate of holistic and alternative health, I also dedicate much of my time to experimenting, exploring, practicing, and training in many mind, body, heart, soul, and spiritual practices. Given the various parts of my backgrounded, here at Grounded & Gold, you can expect a bridge between eastern and western psychology and medicine and a bridge between hardcore science and fluffy fun! 

Welcome to *Grounded & Gold* !

We all need an outlet for our passions! During a time when my life did not include as many outlets for my passions as I would like, I started writing. Through casually writing down my own thoughts, opinions, discoveries, and passions, *Grounded & Gold* began.

I have been writing blog posts for almost a year and half, continually inspired by my ever-growing passion for human well-being. I have gone through my own journey to be ready to launch my passion into the world, and now I am more excited than ever to share and connect with you! 

*Grounded & Gold* will cover topics related to wellness, holistic health, psychology, thriving, happy living, and more! Welcome & I hope you enjoy *Grounded & Gold*!