What is *Grounded & Gold* ?

Grounded & Gold emerged from the belief that taking care of our health and wellbeing is the most important thing we can do for ourselves, the collective, and the universe. And, G & G stems from the belief that wellness can be approached with a lightness and playfulness. The intention of this blog is to provide grounded and scientific research in an accessible and uplifting way that is directly translatable to real life use. As a true believer in everyone's potential to be well and thrive, my hope is to bring you ways to think about and approach your life in a healthy way. Using my background in science and psychology, I spend hours reading the latest scientific research and thinking about how to make it meaningful for life applications. As a lifetime believer, user, and advocate of holistic and alternative health, I also dedicate much of my time to experimenting, exploring, practicing, and training in many mind, body, heart, soul, and spiritual practices. Given the various parts of my backgrounded, here at Grounded & Gold, you can expect a bridge between eastern and western psychology and medicine and a bridge between hardcore science and fluffy fun!