How to Set Science-Backed Relationship Intentions for 2018

Why Set Relationship Intentions? Our relationships impact all aspects of our wellness! Setting meaningful relationship intentions has major implications to improve our health.

How Can We Cultivate Healthy Relationship Intentions? 

1. Mindfulness. Our bodies and brains are evolutionarily wired to thrive off of connection. One of the most skillful intentions you can set in regards to relationships is to be mindfully aware and present in the moment when with a loved one. Really practicing the act of listening with an open heart and minimizing distractions for a sustained period of time will allow for the relationship to strengthen.

2. Contact. Create connection by spending time in person, making eye contact, exchanging a hug, or sharing a laugh. All these forms of connection will release chemicals in the brain that boost mood and enhance bonds.

3. Thankfulness. Choosing to notice the positive aspects in another that you are thankful for has directly and scientific benefits for enhancing the relationship. Try writing down three things you feel thankful for, texting the other person why you are grateful for them, or simply just noticing the small things that make you smile will create increasingly positive relationships overall.