Welcome to *Grounded & Gold*! 

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We all need an outlet for our passions!

During a time when my life did not include as many outlets for my passions as I would like, I started writing. Through casually writing down my own thoughts, opinions, discoveries, and passions, *Grounded & Gold* began. I have been writing blog posts privately for years, continually inspired by my ever-growing passion for human well-being. I have gone through my own journey to be ready to launch my passion into the world, and now I am more excited than ever to share and connect with you! *Grounded & Gold* covers topics related to wellness, holistic health, psychology, thriving, happy living, and more!

Ellie Cobb P.h.D.

We all have the capacity to thrive! 

*Grounded & Gold* emerged from the belief that taking care of our health and wellbeing is the most important thing we can do for ourselves, the collective, and the universe. And, G & G stems from the belief that wellness can be approached with a lightness and playfulness. The intention of this blog is to provide grounded and scientific research in an accessible and uplifting way that is directly translatable to real life use. As a true believer in everyone's potential to be well and thrive, my hope is to bring you ways to think about and approach your life in a healthy way. Using my background in science and psychology, I spend hours reading the latest scientific research and thinking about how to make it meaningful for life applications. As a lifetime believer, user, and advocate of holistic and alternative health, I also dedicate much of my time to experimenting, exploring, practicing, and training in many mind, body, heart, soul, and spiritual practices. Given the various parts of my background, here at *Grounded & Gold*, you can expect a bridge between eastern psychology and western psychology, between serious and playful, and between hardcore science and fluffy fun!