Holistic Wellness

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Holistic Wellness is a way of life!

I practice Holistic Wellness, personally as my own lifestyle, and professionally through being a psychologist, speaker, writer, consultant, and advocate. Holistic Wellness is an integrated approach to health. As a psychologist, I have combined my two passions of psychology and holistic wellness into Holistic Psychology.

What is Holistic Psychology?

Holistic Psychology looks at the system not a symptom. Coupling scientifically-backed psychology methods with evidence-based holistic practices, mind-body therapies, and the latest advancements in natural medicine, holistic psychology approaches wellness as an integrated system. The mind and body are connected. Holistic psychology integrates all parts of a person's internal and external systems to promote the most effective, lasting and meaningful change to heal and thrive.

How do I practice Holistic Psychology?

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I approach my clinical work with curiosity about the whole picture of a human's life, and I work with the entire inner and outer human experience. Within a psychological framework, I take the comprehensive integrated approach of a functional medicine doctor by considering the whole person and addressing root issues rather than simply alleviating symptoms. I believe all people have the right and capacity to be happy, healthy, and thriving, and I believe in the inherent strength and goodness in everyone. Hence, my work emphasizes the process of identifying and bolstering strengths in children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. 

What does Holistic Psychology look like in therapy?

My holistic approach varies from client to client. Someone might seek me out to work specifically with a mindfulness-trained psychologist, others might be interested in how to heal with food and plants, while others might be in search of a more traditional approach to therapy. Therefore, sometimes my holistic approach is simply the lens and energy I bring to the room, sometimes it’s solely asking someone to notice how they feel in their body, and sometimes it is creating an entire holistic lifestyle plan for enhanced wellbeing and self-care. Initial appointments will include an evaluation of the current issues and history, as well as looking at what is going well and identifying strengths to build. Then a treatment plan is created rooted in psychotherapy techniques, lifestyle recommendations, holistic practices, and more. An important aspect to my work includes collaborating with many other providers and practitioners. Health can be accessed and practiced in many ways, and I believe other forms of healing can be an essential part of creating optimal wellness. I often refer clients to other holistic professionals – acupuncturists, body workers, nutritionists, energy workers, and more. My network allows me to curate a team of wellness experts for each client when indicated. 

Be well with me

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My work empowers mental health and overall wellness!

Bring more Holistic Wellness and Holistic Psychology into your life! I collaborate in numerous ways depending on your personal or professional intentions. If you are hoping to heal and thrive holistically, please reach out to me to explore the option of therapy at Rennicke & Associates. If you are hoping to collaborate professionally, please connect to explore the many options!