Holistic Wellness

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Holistic Wellness is a way of life!

I practice Holistic Wellness, personally as my own lifestyle, and professionally through being a psychologist, speaker, writer, consultant, and advocate. Holistic Wellness is an integrated approach to health. As a psychologist, I have combined my two passions of psychology and holistic wellness into Holistic Psychology.

What is Holistic Psychology?

Holistic Psychology looks at the system not a symptom. Coupling scientifically-backed psychology methods with evidence-based holistic practices, mind-body therapies, and the latest advancements in natural medicine, holistic psychology approaches wellness as an integrated system. The mind and body are connected. Holistic psychology integrates all parts of a person's internal and external systems to promote the most effective, lasting and meaningful change to heal and thrive.

Be well with me

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My work empowers mental health and overall wellness!

Bring more Holistic Wellness and Holistic Psychology into your life! I collaborate in numerous ways depending on your personal or professional intentions- please connect to explore the many options!